I Sold My YouTube Channel for $11,000. Here’s Everything I Learnt.

My path to 200,000 subscribers, 50 million views, and the sale

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Surprising Life Lessons From Running a YouTube Channel

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1. Anyone can have an impact on the world

2. Your content is probably impacting people more than you will ever know

3. People will support you with your passion if you give them a chance

4. Stop caring what others think

5. You will always have haters — focus on your fans

6. Authenticity and understanding are the most powerful forms Of persuasion

7. You can attract some amazing opportunities when you deliver enough value

8. Passions change and it’s OK to move on

YouTube Content Lessons

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1. Titles are everything

2. Thumbnails are also everything

3. You don’t have to be a content machine

4. Use royalty-free content

5. You can never predict a viral video

6. Share your own videos

7. Use appropriate tagging

8. You don’t make as much money off Google Adsense as you might think

Youtube Channel Sale Lessons

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

1. Know your value

2. Give people all the information they need to make a decision

3. Anything has value

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