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Work hard.

Work every day.

Stay up late.

Get up early.

Grind some more.

Give up every ounce of joy in your life and dedicate every waking hour to working…


This is the secret to success.

At least according to modern success culture promoted on social media.

But is this really the secret to success?

Or is it just a cultural narrative born from the social media era of false quotes, half-truths, and Lambo glamour shots?

From what I have learned from putting this article together and from some of my own personal experience (no I am…

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It’s one of the single most powerful tools for growing a business, brand or idea.

Done right it has the ability to grow your business from a simple idea to a thriving 6 or even 7 figure business in as little as one to two years.

Done wrong and you can waste thousands to 10’s of thousands of dollars and end up staying in the same place (or even going backwards).

Done very wrong and you can bankrupt your business or completely tarnish your brand and reputation.

And for most business owners I would say they usually fall somewhere…

I still remember the very first night I went to write in my journal. I picked it up from under my bed, grabbed out my pen and opened up to the first page.

The blank pages were staring back at me.

“This is so weird”

“What am I even doing?”

“Only girls keep a journal, what am I doing?” ( A little sexist I know)

These were seriously the thoughts that ran through my head.

I was ready to throw in the towel.

But I pushed past my resistance and began to put pen to paper.

I started writing out…

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A few months ago I was feeling a little off.

I felt like all I was doing was working rarely do anything that brought me joy or fun. Sure I’d watch a few Netflix shows here and there but that was about it.

I was pretty much in a perpetual state of working in some way shape or form.

And if I wasn’t working I was reading personal development, health, and business books or consuming podcasts or videos on these topics.

Even on Weekends.

And don’t get me wrong I absolutely love doing these things, but it can come to…

A Complete Guide

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There is no denying it.

Right now is one of the most tense periods we have gone through as a society in quite some time. Who would have thought that so much could happen in 6 months?

Certainly, none of us knew as we were celebrating the beginning of a new year and decade, that we were about to enter one of the most tense, strange, and at times overwhelming, periods we have faced as a society in quite a long time.

This is a time of great uncertainty not just in terms of the pandemic and all its repercussions…

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We have all heard a lot about the importance of gratitude journaling.

I’ve even written an article on the lessons I have learnt having practised it for over 5 years now.

But something that I realized is largely missing from the whole gratitude talk is a deep dive into the science and mechanisms behind why it is so powerful.

And so I decided to take it upon myself to do just that.

I planned to write it months ago but kept procrastinating on it because I knew it was going to be a large endeavour.

I didn’t want to write…

My path to 200,000 subscribers, 50 million views, and the sale

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“You’ve received the funds from Escrow.”

I couldn’t believe it.

After a two month process, I had done it.

Something that I started for nothing almost 10 years ago as a hobby. Something that had no physical location or products, no running costs, no employees or staff. Something that only exists online and its only “assets” were videos that I didn’t even speak in. And something that I had stopped making videos for.

I had just sold for $11,000 USD (just over $15,000 AUD).

And I did this in a time when people are losing money and hesitant to spend…

Envato Elements

So today I am going to be talking about the importance of healthy eating.

Yes, another one those posts.

But before you write this post off as just another one of your typical posts on why healthy eating is important.

Hear me out.

Because let’s be honest there are enough of those articles out there.

We all know that eating healthy is important.

The problem is most of us don’t do it as much as we know we should.

But with everything that is going on in the world. Eating healthy may be one of the most important things you…


Pizza, chocolate, ice cream, coke, fries, chocolate chip cookies, and corn chips…

Perhaps just reading those words makes your mouth water, makes you hungry or perhaps even makes you want to go and grab some out of your pantry right now.

You see, we all know that we should eat healthily.

And with everything that is going on in the world at the moment eating health has just become more important than ever.

But for most of us, this is more of a desire rather than something we actually do.

And in truth, you can’t entirely blame people for it.

Hint: It’s something you’re using right now.

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We have all heard the term.

“Money makes the world go round”.

But like many saying’s it’s only a half-truth.

Firstly money has never made the world go round and never will.

If we are speaking scientifically gravity is what makes the world go round.

Always has, always will.

Pretty obvious that one.

But I know you didn’t click onto this article because you wanted a science lesson or me stating the obvious.

I know you’re smart enough to know that money doesn’t actually make the world go round.

But perhaps you do understand the concept of the phrase. Because…

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I write about topics surrounding health, personal development, marketing and life.

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